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Get your hand off of me
Let it slip that you might like it
But you've been talking to him
Trading lighters like it's nothing​

Pretend he doesn't know my name
Don't break the gaze you shared now darling
Let it slip that you loved him
I feel it slip round my neck

I would jump off a bridge
Give up my name
All you've gotta do is ask
I won't ask you the same​

Throw the fight back to you
I know you're running for your life now
Back when the same kicked in
I swore I'd see this through

Blankets on our shoulders in that backyard way up north
There's parts of me I hate 
But this headache is yours

So go on slip off your ring
And I will tie an arm around you
Affection written in the sand
Did it all go to fucking plan

Cause I would jump off a bridge
Give up my name
Cause you don't really love me do you?
I'll read the signs again

Cause I've lost the way you gave me
(Let it slip you might like it)
I don't know who I am
(Cause you've been talking to him)
Those words, whispered clearly
Fires littered, it's too late

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